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Nail art designs 2019: New ideas

The appearance of a woman is her business card in many cases of life. In order for the image to be not only fashionable, but also stylish. It is important to harmoniously combine beautiful clothes with shoes, follow the relevance of your hair, follow the main trends in the field of makeup, and, of course, regularly draw modern ideas of manicure from women's magazines, looking new nail design.

Recently, various nail designs have come into vogue in manicure. Such a manicure looks quite interesting, and sometimes even boldly. In 2019, fashion for an interesting nail design does not go away; on the contrary, it develops. Many girls love everything bright and new, because manufacturers create a lot of new jewelry for nail design. Of such a variety of choices, girls often just have a blink in their eyes - it’s not so easy to choose from a variety of options, one, but the best.

The shape of the nails also depends on fashion. Fashion trends suggest that in 2019 oval nails of short or medium length will be in fashion. Fashion for long nails begins to slowly go away. Strongly pointed tips of the nails are no longer relevant at all.

Nails 2019: Fashion, Styles, pictures and ideas of design

There are a lot of types of nail designs and instagram is just poured from a variety of photo-novelties. And every design seems like the best idea you can think of.

French has become a classic in manicure. This is one of the most popular designs. Proper french is not so easy to do, the process of its creation lasts a long time. In addition to the classic jacket, there are several varieties. When the Hollywood jacket on the tips of the nails make a beautiful painting. Art french - one of the most striking variations of french. In this case, not white color is used, but any contrasting colors, to which sometimes also rhinestones, stones and other decorations are attached.

Lunar manicure or just a hole is also one of the varieties of french, which in 2019 will be very popular. If in the classic jacket the edge of the nail plate is highlighted, then in the lunar manicure, a part of the nail is marked out with a different color near its base. There are also several variations of the moon manicure. In one of the variations when varnishing the nail plate, the hole remains uncovered. In another variation of this nail design, the hole is stained with a different color. The holes themselves can be made of different shapes: a triangular, straight or a selected line. There is a variation of several holes on one nail. In this case, several stencils are used. Stencils themselves are of several kinds.

New Fingernail art designs 2019: Best images of manicure

Velvet manicure makes the nails made as if of velvet and they seem very soft to the touch. A similar effect is achieved by a special powder - flock, which is sprinkled with nails. This material can be both large and small. For a more accurate manicure, you should choose a small flock - so the nails will look more natural.

Ombre staining is considered to be a very beautiful nail coloring. With this staining there is a smooth transition from one color to another. Ombre can be smooth, that is, colors with a gradient are similar, and extreme. With extreme ombre taken contrasting colors. In addition to ombre colors, there are differences in direction. It can be vertical, horizontal and circular.

Manicure broken glass is becoming more popular every day. It is based on a beautiful shiny foil, which is laid out in small pieces on the nails and is fixed on top. Foil for this purpose can be purchased at the store. There it can be in the form of a roll, strips or already cut pieces.

Often on the nails draw a variety of drawings. Sometimes manicurists become real artists, drawing real pictures. In 2019, the trend will be a geometric pattern - lines, shapes and the like. Also, the thematic drawings that are most often found on any holidays or at certain times of the year will not disappear. It looks interesting on the nails abstraction. Similar drawings look interesting and nice.

Nail Art 2019: Variations of Pretty designs

In the world of nail service, every season is different in that women in a beauty salon are asked to do a manicure that would have the characteristic features of a particular pore. In the summer - design with shells and palm trees, in the fall - with yellow leaves, etc. Ideas with decorations that we consider, do not have seasonality and will be an excellent choice "winter and summer"! New manicure presented in the photo below illustrate the trends of 2019 in the field of nail decoration.

• Stones, half-pearls for nails and 3D-jewelry allow you to turn an ordinary manicure into a work of art. With their help, you can create not just a unique nail design, but a magnetic image, the main focus of which will be your sparkling nails. With this decor there is not even a need for additional jewelry and jewelry, your manicure will be the most beautiful decoration! However, a beautiful bracelet or watch will be an excellent accessory in addition to such art.

• Rhinestones and decorative crystals - another fashionable version of a brilliant manicure. You should not worry that some crystalline crystals will disappear and your nails will sharply lose their original stunning appearance. It is enough to use high-quality gel polish and glue for jewelry, so as not to worry about the resilience of such a manicure and live at your usual pace, without fear of accidentally clinging to something. The most beautiful new photos of 2019 for short and long nails are full of ornaments with rhinestones and crystals. The most commonly used standard transparent or light silver color, but more and more decorative options appear rhinestones of different shades, the most popular colors - blue and red.

• Sculpting on the nails. The fashion trends of this year again allow the manicure to return to the first positions of nail design. It does not have to be a pure sculpture, it is often combined with other decorations in the form of rhinestones, bouillons or stones. Flowers - the most popular ornament from a molding, he allows to create an elegant, womanly image by means of manicure. If you have long, extended nails, be sure to at least once try to perform a design with a molding and, most likely, you will remain his fan for a long time!

• Sophisticated combined jewelery
When a woman wants to do not just a beautiful and original manicure, but also to decorate her nails with a real work of art - sophisticated design novelties with various combinations of jewelry come into the arena. It can be a combination of a beautiful pattern with rhinestones, or a harmonious intertwining of crystals with stones for the decoration of nails and many other tandems.
To enhance the spectacular look of your manicure, you can combine the listed jewelry with crystal chips, liquid mica, metal or foil décor, which in 2019 also occupy top positions in the list of fashionable nail decoration options.

Nail Design Ideas 2019: New pictures and options

The brightest ideas do not end with the above, therefore, a separate section, we have identified photo innovations that are not suitable for the categories of manicure described above.

To other options, we attributed the successful combination of fashionable colors that form a light gradient; interesting combinations of different coatings of the nail plate (gel varnish + granulated sugar; shellac + design of rhinestones; ordinary varnish + glitter, etc.) and simply non-standard manicure examples.